Gallagher 'gobsmacked' by RTÉ response to complaint


Former presidential candidate Seán Gallagher has said he was "gobsmacked" by the "arrogance" and "hostility" of RTE's response to his complaint that he had been unfairly treated during the controversial Frontline presidential debate last October.

Mr Gallagher said RTE showed "no contrition" following the programme, in which the host Pat Kenny read out an unverified tweet live on air.

Speaking at the Media Future conference in Dún Laoghaire this afternoon, Mr Gallagher said he had been contacted earlier on the day of the debate by two people in the media who warned him of a potential ambush in relation to his links to Fianna Fáil. He declined to name who had contacted him.

Mr Gallagher was interviewed by the organiser of the conference, Jack Murray, who also served as his adviser on his presidential campaign. Mr Murray said Mr Gallagher had received phone calls that "warned them about what was to come that day".

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