EU referendum passes by comprehensive margin


Taoiseach Enda Kenny said this afternoon that Ireland's comprehensive Yes vote on the EU fiscal treaty has sent a powerful signal around the world that the country was serious about overcoming its economic challenges.

The ballot boxes were opened at 9am today at count centres in all 43 constituencies.

Final results show 60.3 per cent voted Yes, while 39.7 per cent voted No, when spoiled or invalid votes are excluded. Turnout was 50.6 per cent.


Total poll: 1,591,385


50.6 per cent

Invalid Votes: 7,206

Valid poll: 1,584,173

Yes Vote: 955,091

No Vote: 629, 088

Majority: 326,003

See table below for full breakdown.

Just five of the 43 constituencies voted against the treaty. Full constituency-by-constituency results are available here.

Dublin Mid-West voted Yes by a margin of just five votes, while Dublin South-Central rejected it by 700.

Donegal South-West, Donegal North-West, Dublin South-West and Dublin North-West also voted No. The turnout in the two Donegal constituencies was just 42 per cent, the lowest in the country.

The highest turnout was in Dublin North-Central, Wicklow and Dublin North-East, at 58.76 per cent, 57.47 per cent and 57.17 per cent respectively.

The treaty was supported by voters in rural constituencies and middle class areas in urban centres, although the No vote was stronger in working class areas.

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