Donegal profile: Sinn Féin has great chance to make early hay in Donegal

With two high-profile TDs and a wind at their backs, the party looks set to gain

Wed, May 21, 2014, 01:00

If that micro-management goes to plan Sinn Féin could at least double its number of seats and threaten Fianna Fáil as the biggest party on the council.


Full list of candidates


Electoral Area Name Party
Donegal McNulty, John (FG)
Donegal Boyle, John (FG)
Donegal O'Neill, Barry (FG)
Donegal McEniff, Sean (FF)
Donegal McMahon, Michael (SF)
Donegal Jordan, Noel Andrew (SF)
Donegal Campbell, John (Ind)
Donegal McManus, Lawrence (Ind)
Donegal Conaghan, Tom (Ind)
Donegal Kennedy, Niamh (Ind)
Donegal McNulty, Joseph (Ind)
Donegal McCafferty, Patricia (Ind)
Donegal Kennedy, Jonathan (Ind)
Donegal Mulhern, Bernie (Ind)
Donegal Byrne, Brendan (FF)
Donegal Naughton, Micheal (FF)
Glenties Curran, John (FG)
Glenties Slowey, Terence (FG)
Glenties McCarron, Joe (DDI)
Glenties O Fearraigh, John Sheamuis (SF)
Glenties Gallgaher, Marie Therese (SF)
Glenties McClafferty, Michael (Ind)
Glenties Rodgers, Seamus (Lab)
Glenties MacGiolla Easbuig, Micheal Cholm (Ind)
Glenties Doherty, Padraig (Ind)
Glenties Carr, Brian (Ind)
Glenties Bonner, Enda (FF)
Glenties O Domhnaill, Seamus (FF)
Glenties Molloy, Ian (FF)
Glenties Mac Giolla Bhride, Hughie (FF)
Inishowen Doherty, Mickey (FG)
Inishowen McLaughlin, Peter (FG)
Inishowen McGuinness, Bernard (FG)
Inishowen Ryan, John (FG)
Inishowen Farren, Martin (Lab)
Inishowen Haden, Eilis (DDI)
Inishowen Stewart, Ryan (Ind)
Inishowen Murray, Jack (SF)
Inishowen Doherty, Albert (SF)
Inishowen McLaughlin, Ciaran (SF)
Inishowen Ferguson, Paul (Ind)
Inishowen Murphy, Joe (PBP)
Inishowen Donaghey, Rena (FF)
Inishowen Canning, Paul (FF)
Inishowen McDermott, Martin (FF)
Inishowen McCauley, Mary (FF)
Inishowen McCarroll, Patrick (Ind)
Inishowen Crossan, Nicholas (Ind)
Stranolar Galbraith, Bert (FG)
Stranolar Doherty, Liam (SF)
Stranolar Doherty, Gary (SF)
Stranolar Harley, Martin (FG)
Stranolar Kee, Seamus (Ind)
Stranolar McDyer, Charlotte (PBP)
Stranolar McCrea, Brian (Lab)
Stranolar McMenamin, Alan (Ind)
Stranolar McBrearty, Frank Jnr (Ind)
Stranolar Kennedy, Claudia (FF)
Stranolar Crawford, Gerry (FF)
Stranolar McGowan, Patrick (FF)
Stranolar Meehan, Tim (Ind)
Letterkenny Galligan, Christopher Joseph (Lab)
Letterkenny McBride, Noel (FG)
Letterkenny Kavanagh, Jimmy (FG)
Letterkenny Boyle, Grace (FG)
Letterkenny Shiels, Dessie (Ind)
Letterkenny McMonagle, Gerry (SF)
Letterkenny Quinn, Mick (SF)
Letterkenny O'Donnell, John (Ind)
Letterkenny McLaughlin, Siobhan (Lab)
Letterkenny McGarvey, Ian (Ind)
Letterkenny Cutliffe, Peter (Ind)
Letterkenny Banda, Billy (PBP)
Letterkenny Fisher, David (Ind)
Letterkenny Crossan, Tom (LRP)
Letterkenny McBride, Michael (Ind)
Letterkenny Cullen, Donal (Ind)
Letterkenny Watson, John (FF)
Letterkenny McDaid, James Pat (FF)
Letterkenny Blake, Paschal  (Ind)
Letterkenny Brogan, Ciaran (FF)
Letterkenny Blaney, Liam (FF)
Letterkenny McClafferty, Charlie (Ind)