Andreu says Armstrong is 'delusional'


One of Lance Armstrong’s biggest critics today dismissed the former cyclist’s public show of contrition, labelling him “delusional”.

Betsy Andreu, the wife of Armstrong’s former team-mate who testified he had admitted to doping in a hospital in 1996 and was subsequently labelled “crazy” by the Texan, said he does not understand “the magnitude of what he’s done”.

In the second part of Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, he insisted he had stuck to a pact made with first wife Kristin that he would not dope during his comeback to cycling, was tearful when addressing the fact his 13-year-old son defended him and said he did not believe his doping contributed to his cancer.

But he also spoke of lost earnings through sponsorship totalling $75 million (€56 million) and said he felt he “deserved” to able to compete again at some point in the future. Ms Andreu was unimpressed. “Boohoo,” she told CNN. “He’s not getting it. What about Greg LeMond’s bike company that was completely destroyed? It doesn’t make sense.

“What about Scott Mercier not having a career? Christophe Bassons not having a career? Other guys who didn’t want to do what he wanted them to do not having a career? “You can’t put a price on opportunity lost and we’re not even talking millions of dollars, we’re just talking about people who just want to make a living so they can pay a mortgage and save some money after.”

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