500 bus data signs to be installed


The launch of real-time information signs for bus passengers in Dublin will be a “huge addition” to the city, according to Minister of State Alan Kelly.

More than 300 bus information signs will be in operation by September, increasing to 500 between Dublin and Cork by the end of the year, he said.

The signs, which cost approximately €500 each, display real-time information for bus passengers on bus arrival times and updates on delays.

Mr Kelly said: “People see it as a great benefit for journey planning and it takes away frustrations because people know when buses are coming. The feedback from the public has been phenomenal. It really is aiding people in choosing public transport and that’s what we all want.”

As part of the real-time information strategy, a live text and phone app service is being developed and will be online in Dublin in the autumn.

“The more we can facilitate people and the more we can allow them to plan their journeys, I believe that more people will use buses, trains and trams and that’s only good for everyone.

“It has been used by various transport operators around the world and is a huge addition to this city. It was something that we really wanted to see rolled out quickly,” he said.