Séamus McDermott: “I believe the ability to get along well with people comes more naturally to Irish people and is an advantage in this industry.”

There is a brand-new Ford Fiesta on the market and the man responsible for getting it there is Tyrone-born Séamus McDermott. Sales of the Fiesta exce(...)

Fiachra ‘Figs’ O’Sullivan: ‘I find it easy to accept my success here in America. I find Americans to be cheerleaders. They cheer you on’
Wild Geese: From Old Bawn to Big Sur
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  • October 13, 2017, 06:28

Fiachra “Figs” O’Sullivan grew up in Old Bawn in Tallaght in Dublin. “I’ve met lots of guys named Fiachra, my age, who are nicked-named “Figs”. I thin(...)

Brian O’Farrell: “The business culture in Germany is more formal and perhaps more serious than in Ireland.”

The 1980s were a gloomy time in Ireland. The economy was in dire straits, employment prospects were dreadful and thousands emigrated to find work. Br(...)

Danny Corrigan trains clients in communications at an event in Bangkok

Danny Corrigan stopped off in Bangkok in 2004 to buy some camera gear. He was on a year-long trip around southeast Asia at the time. Thirteen years la(...)

Rory O’Neill (aka Panti Bliss) with Garret Kelly ahead of a performance at the Sarajevo Irish Festival. Photograph: Nerma Sofic

* When asked how Garret Kelly would like to be referred to in this piece, he says, “I usually say I’m a social entrepreneur but recently I was referre(...)

Patrick Greene with UFC champion Conor McGregor in 2016. Photograph: Instagram

In just five years, Patrick Greene has gone from training to be a financial accountant in Cork to becoming one of the biggest nightclub promoters in M(...)

Alva Horgan: “I’d say push yourself to the limit and don’t think you can’t do what anybody else can do.”

Alva Horgan was working for Dillon Eustace in the IFSC when she decided to spend a year in Australia with her friends. The Dublin woman was climbing(...)

James Corr: “The numbers are astronomical  If you think Dublin prices are high, come over here and I’ll show you.”

With an office in Santa Monica, Kilkenny man James Corr has become renowned for the quality of his company’s multimillion dollar housing development p(...)

Tim Feighery: “All my children are Irish citizens also and the connection to Ireland is very strong among us”.

Although Tim Feighery was born in the US to Irish parents, he grew up in Tullamore in Co Offaly. “My parents moved back to Ireland when I was very y(...)

Vincent Dunne: “Norway is a highly regulated country and demands that everyone is playing their part meaning that all contribute to the welfare of the country.”

Born in Freshford in the 1950s, Vincent Dunne attended St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny as a boarder but left before taking his final exams. “I was to (...)