Fionnuala Zinnecker and family enjoy the great outdoors of Germany

It is not quite 7am and the flashing display on the main street bank in Maximiliansau in Germany reads 23 degrees as I stroll past. I’m on my way(...)

Author Sarah Maria Griffin who returned to Dublin from San Francisco in 2015

Author Sarah Maria Griffin recently joined Irish Times Abroad for an audience discussion about the experience of moving back to Ireland from overseas.(...)

Lainey Broderick (second left): Being away from home doesn’t mean you can’t be an ardent Mayo supporter, and a U2 fan too

After a long and delayed day of travel from Grand Cayman, we finally reached our journey’s end in Cleveland, Ohio, at around 1am. One disadvantage of (...)

James Parnell with his three children in Howth: ‘I love Ireland and Australia for being places worth longing for.’

This article is part of an ongoing series for Irish Times Abroad about James Parnell’s experience of returning to Ireland after 16 year(...)

Michelle Walsh at Lake Alster in Hamburg:  ‘Amidst all the industry and the ships and the high-rise buildings, there are beach clubs and river side restaurants and concerts that soften this industrial vista.’

After two years of perennial sunshine, sticky humidity and negotiating my way through the cultural labyrinth that is Africa, I decided it was time for(...)

Two memorials in Ireland Park,  on Éireann Quay on the shores of Lake Ontario,  remember the 1,186 immigrants who died from typhoid on their way from Ireland in 1847. Photograph: David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

In a hidden corner of Toronto, between the Billy Bishop City Airport and the abandoned Canada Malting Plant, lies a monument to the 1,186 Irish immigr(...)

Learning to live a cowboy life: Sarah McKevitt with her daughter Izzie in Houston.

Summer is the time for change. International moves tend to be scheduled to take place over the school break, to allow families time to settle into the(...)

Patricia Crotty (left) with relatives at the Cliffs of Moher: ‘We grinned in kith and kinship, and the joy at having discovered new friends with cousinly benefits.’

The word “interrelations” took on a whole new meaning at the Crotty Reunion in Co Clare last month in a whirlygig of long-lost and newly found cousins(...)

Clara Kiyoko Kumagai, who Irish and Japanese, is teaching at a university in Tokyo for the summer. Photograph: Tetsuro Miyazaki

I stand at the edge of the dance floor, thinking that this isn’t really like the Gaeltacht céilís of my youth. There are several differences: the danc(...)

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited Brigid’s Well pub, run by Patrick McDonald from Portarlington in Co Laois (left), on St Patrick’s Day.

I was born in Portarlington, Co Laois, and my wife Brigid is from Mountbellew in Co Galway. Times were difficult in the 1980s and there were no jobs a(...)