Jennie Ritchie: packing up in Antigua to move back to Ireland

I am sitting at my desk in Antigua in the Caribbean surrounded by quotes, paperwork and packing boxes. The scent of jasmine blossom fills the air. The(...)

Angela Gillette with her husband Mark Gillette and their children Lily (11) and Jackson  (9).

Angela Gillette, originally from Glasnevin in Dublin, has been living in the US for 26 years. After 18 years in California, where she met her American(...)

Lorna with her daughter Róisín and friends in Hyde Park in Sydney: ‘I will always remember what my friends and the wider Irish community have done for me.’

In an ongoing series for Irish Times Abroad, people involved with Irish community groups and organisations worldwide share their own migration story a(...)

In summer, Montreal residents take to the city’s many urban parks, including Mont-Royal. Photograph: Getty Images

Montreal’s summer runs from mid-June to mid-August. However, over the past 10 years, warm to hot days stretch into late October or even early November(...)

‘Even when my partner was doing the talking and questioning, I was always included and respected in France.’

Having just returned from a year living in Provence, many people have asked me what I miss about France now I am back, and what I missed about Ireland(...)

‘It was November – the start of winter, and my least favourite month.’

In a couple of weeks I’ll be witnessing the two year anniversary of my return to Ireland, after 15 years in Amsterdam. When I parachuted back into Ir(...)

Irish abroad: Sarah Jane Colhoun, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, at Malin Head

Choc ices and 99s, windy beach walks and impromptu outdoor pints on a surprisingly sunny day: some themes recurred time and again when we asked Irish (...)

Máire (left) at the Clerkin School of Irish Dancing in London in 1965.

I grew up in North London with my four siblings. My father is from Monaghan. My mother had Irish parents and she is an Irish dancing teacher. We all d(...)

Elaine Doyle in Co Cork: ‘Living away from Ireland has given me a new appreciation for my country.’

Leaving Australia for good has been like a relationship breakup that hasn’t ended on bad terms. There is a sense of loss that’s hard to explain. The (...)

Caoimhe Giolla-Møller with daughters Róisín and Sif in Copenhagen: 'Both of us were given the time and financial support to have one parent stay at home with our girls in the first year of their lives.'

Last September, fathers of children born in Ireland became eligible for up to two weeks’ paternity leave, up from just three days previously. But figu(...)