‘Irish legislators need to recognise that an integral part of citizenship is the right to vote and have representation in their home country.’ 
Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times

As an Irish citizen living in London I was pleased that the British Labour Party changed its policy on Brexit, to support the UK staying in the EU cus(...)

Yvonne Watterson with her students in Phoenix, Arizona. Photograph: Jeff Topping

US president Donald Trump is due to announce on Tuesday whether he will scrap a programme which gives work permits to undocumented people who were bro(...)

James Patterson: ‘Even if I’m only doing the half-hour commute from Liverpool to Dublin, there’s a delight in floating above the clouds.’

The thing I love most about airports is the feeling of being stuck slightly out of time. Airports have always seemed a bit outdated to me, with their (...)

Carmel Stelzner with her daughter Nora on her first day of school in Oslo last week.

My daughter Nora started school in Oslo last week at the age of five and three quarters. She had her big new rucksack and matching lunchbox, pencil ca(...)

Sean Rogers with his family in Cambridge, Massachusetts: ‘It’s been two years now since my last trip home and the pull has gone.’

Bostonians seem to abandon the city in late August. It is the only month of the year I can drive downtown and not get snarled up in traffic driving al(...)

Paul O’Sullivan with his daughter Rachel and wife Mary: ‘However big Harvey may have been, the hearts of Houstonians are bigger.’

My wife and I are both from Cork and nearly 17 years ago we set out for what we planned to be a three-year stay in Houston. Today we’re proud to call (...)

Brendan Walsh: ‘The main concern here is not this missile, but rather the next one and the one after that.’

Residents in Japan awoke to sirens and text alerts this morning, warning of a ballistic missile fired by North Korea over Japan’s northern island of H(...)

Harvey, which made landfall  late on Friday evening, is expected to dump upwards to 40 inches of rain in areas of Texas over the next couple of days. Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Four days after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, the city is still being pummelled by heavy rainfall and floodwater levels are forecast to rise fu(...)

‘You and I would drink tea until late into the night; especially on the first night, when we’d edge towards something resembling closeness that was rarely replicated’

I remember you always spoke wistfully of your time away in Australia, as a young married man. Down Under may well have been your halcyon years. For (...)

Sarah McKevitt with her daughters Alannah and Izzie marking the level at the lake at the back of their house, which leads to the Addick’s reservoir.

We watch the weather closely in Houston during Hurricane season. Last week, there was talk of a tropical depression developing in the Gulf of Mexico. (...)