Playwright, screenwriter, producer and actor  Brendan Connellan is living in San Francisco, but he left his heart in New York, he says

“There’s not much point getting to know you,” she said, “you’ll be disappearing off home like the rest of them.” She wasn’t wrong. You put in all that(...)

The Tenement Museum in New York preserves the history of more than 7,000 immigrants from more than 20 nations that lived, often in very cramped conditions, in the building between 1863 and 1935. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images

As visitors to the Tenement Museum in New York step into the re-created 1869 apartment of Bridget and Joseph Moore they might notice the tin teapot on(...)

Yvonne Watterson from Co Antrim now lives in Arizona: ‘I wanted to be far away from Belfast and bombs and bullets and all that was bad back then about my Northern Ireland. I just wanted to be one of your Heartbreakers.’

Following the news of American singer Tom Petty’s death on Monday night at the age of 66, superfan Yvonne Watterson, who emigrated from Northern Irela(...)

Catalan pro-independence ‘Estelada’ flags waving during a protest in Barcelona on Monday. Photograph: Pierre Philippe Marcoup/AFP/Getty Images

We spent from 5.30am on Sunday morning at the local library, or biblioteca, less than 100m from my home in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a town of 87,000 jus(...)

Cayman Islands Gaelic Football Club is the biggest sporting club on the island, with  250 playing members. Photograph:

At Cayman Islands GAA, our selection process is far from harsh. If you can afford the flight ticket for matches abroad and can get the days off work, (...)

Students in Barcelona protesting on Monday against the violence that marred yesterday’s referendum vote. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

As more than 800 people in Catalonia recover from injuries received during violent clashes over yesterday’s independence referendum, Irish Times Abroa(...)

Paddy Kelly: I met a Swedish girl in a Dublin pub in 1995. Now I live in Stockholm and have a grown son

I met a Swedish girl in a Dublin pub in 1995. What I knew about Sweden back then you could have scribbled on the back of an Abba stamp. Nevertheless, (...)

Patricia Noonan with her husband Philip, and sons Shay (7) and PJ (11)

Patricia Noonan and her husband Philip never intended to stay in Australia forever. After he lost his job in 2012, they moved with their two boys to M(...)

If you have moved to or from Ireland in the past 18 months, we want to read your story. Photograph: iStock

Are you an Irish person who has left the country in the past 18 months to live abroad? Or are you someone who has moved to Ireland from another countr(...)

Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive from next June, state media said on September 26th,  in a historic decision that makes the Gulf kingdom the last country in the world to permit women behind the wheel. Photograph: Reem Baeshen/AFP/Getty Images

I am a private personal trainer from Co Wicklow, and I’ve been based in Riyadh full-time now for the past four and a half years. I’ve seen many expatr(...)