Jeremy Paxman: ‘Those who read the war through the prism of the 1960s do their history a disservice.’ Photograph: Phil Fisk

Every war is filled with myths, some big, some small. Growing up, BBC broadcaster Jeremy Paxman regularly heard of his “Uncle Charlie”, his deeds and (...)

Ben Shepherd and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden perform an acoustic set in Seattle earlier this year.

Ben Shepherd was born in Okinawa Japan (where his father served in the US army), in 1968. When Ben was 3-years-old the family moved to Texas where (...)

Questlove, whose Mo’ Meta Blues shies from the conventional

You used to know where you stood with music books. If they were authorised biographies and written with the subject’s permission and co-operation, (...)

Brian Eno: his work focuses on the avoidance of cliche and short-circuits of understanding.

‘If you sit in Hyde Park just far enough away from the traffic so that you don’t perceive any of its specific details, you just hear the average of th(...)

 ames Blake performs on stage last month in Manchester, England. (Photo by Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns via Getty Images)

For workers all around the world, the phrase “do more with less” has become a mantra of the times. Those who play buzzword bingo at staff meetings wil(...)

FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN . . . As takeovers go, the (...)

Some of the best things in life take time. A great idea will often need years to make its way around the world and take root in people before c(...)

For his second album, James Blake has decided to do more with less. Gone are most of the traces of the dubstep genes that initially defined him(...)

H The much-maligned Dido has had a rough old time of it. She found mainstream recognition more than 12 yea(...)

The autobahn is calling again. Like its 2010 predecessor, Deutsche Elektronische 2 is a pri(...)