Ben Brosnan beside the smashed Civil War Monument at Talbot’s Bridge in Knocknagoshel: such actions invite a simplistic, polarised narrative of conflicts and aftermaths, and create amnesia about how myths were fashioned.   Photograph: John Reidy

In the midst of controversies over the legacy of the American civil war and the fate of monuments to that conflict, it was reported last week that the(...)

Court hearing by video of Abderrahman Mechkah in Turku on Thursday. Photograph: Timo Jakonen/EAP

A teenage Moroccan asylum seeker who admitted on Tuesday that he had killed two women and injured eight other people in a knife attack in the Finnish (...)

Founder and chairman of Conroy Gold and Natural Resources Richard Conroy at the company’s recent egm. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

A case being brought by a dissident shareholder in listed Irish exploration group Conroy Gold to prevent his shareholding from being diluted will be h(...)

Copenhagen, Denmark has been named the most bike-friendly city in the world for the second year running. Photograph: Getty Images

There is something thrilling about using a bicycle to explore a new city. Street life seems more vibrant as you whizz past the crowds and down side st(...)

Prof Richard Conroy (centre) at the recent extraordinary general meeting of Conroy Gold and Natural Resources. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Lawyers for a dissident shareholder in a gold exploration company will seek an interlocutory injunction on Tuesday against the company’s chairman. Be(...)

Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin said: “Plates fly in every family. There are, however, great families who struggle, at times heroically.” File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Why do so many people today say they believe in God but not in the Church? That was the question posed by Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Mar(...)

A  memorial for  victims of last week’s stabbing attack at  Turku Market Square, in Turku, Finland. Photograph: Vesa Moilanen/Lehtikuva/AP

A Moroccan man suspected of stabbing two people to death in Finland was known to Finnish intelligence as a suspected extremist but was not being monit(...)

People bring candles and flowers to the makeshift memorial for the victims of the stabbings at the Turku Market Square, Finland. Photograph: Vesa Moilanen/AFP/Getty Images

Police searched premises in the city of Turku and interviewed the chief suspect on Sunday as part of an investigation into Finland’s first suspected I(...)

Hassan Zubier, one of the people that were stabbed in Central Turku on Friday, is seen at the Turku Market Square on Sunday. Photograph:  Lehtikuva/Vesa Moilanen/Reuters

Finnish police said on Sunday they had conducted searches of further premises in the city of Turku in their investigation into the country’s first sus(...)

Patrick O’Sullivan: says he has concerns about corporate governance and directors’ pay at Conroy Gold. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Conroy Gold’s biggest shareholder plans a High Court challenge to the company’s ruling that a vote appointing new directors to its board was invalid. (...)