Passengers walk by a security sign warning them of  a face recognition area at the Suedkreuz train station  in Berlin, Germany. Photograph: Getty Images

German police have deployed the first facial-recognition cameras at a main railway station in Berlin this week, testing new technology that could help(...)

Matthias Mueller of Volkswagen, Harald Krueger of BMW, Dieter Zetsche of Daimler and Matthias Wissmann of the German Automobile Industry Association in Berlin on Wednesday. Photograph: Clemens Bilan/EPA

Germany’s big three car companies – VW, Daimler and BMW – have agreed to an EU-wide software update on millions of diesel cars to reduce harmful emiss(...)

A women walks by a security sign warning for a face recognition area at the Suedkreuz train station in Berlin on Tuesday. Photograph:   Michele Tantussi/Getty Images

German police deployed the first facial-recognition cameras at a main railway station in Berlin on Tuesday, testing new technology that could help tra(...)

Plynk co-founders Clive Foley and Charles Dowd. The fintech start-up raised €25m in a Series A round in early June

Global fintech investment more than doubled from the first to the second quarter on the back of a sharp rise in European funding deals. Ireland playe(...)

Germany’s  environment minister Barbara Hendricks answers journalists’ questions on her recent  tour of Volkswagen’s manufacturing plant in Wolfsburg. Photograph: Reuters/Natasha Zekry

Seven weeks before they face re-election, German politicians have performed a remarkable handbrake turn in the growing Dieselgate scandal. After a tw(...)

VW Touareg: likely to face a road ban

Germany has warned that the VW Touareg is likely to face a road ban because its on-board software manipulates emissions, days after a ban on the new P(...)

A 50-year-old German was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife on Friday. Photography: Markus Scholz/Getty Images

The migrant who killed one person and injured six others in a knife attack in a Hamburg supermarket on Friday was an Islamist known to German security(...)

Police officers  securing evidence in front of the supermarket in Hamburg where a man fatally stabbed one person and wounded four others as he fled. Photograph: Markus Scholz/dpa via AP

One person was killed in an attack by a lone knifeman in a supermarket in the northern German city of Hamburg on Friday, and four more were injured wh(...)

Underpass in Stuttgart, Germany: The city’s administrative court has ruled that no measures to improve air quality were as effective as outright bans on diesel vehicles, “and that includes so-called retrofit solutions”. Photograph: Ronald Wittek/EPA

Stuttgart prides itself as the home of the Daimler car company and the internal combustion engine created by the company’s founders. But now the sout(...)

Margaret Lambert: ‘I felt that the young people of Germany should not be held responsible for what their elders did’

Margaret Bergmann Lambert, a world-class high jumper who was best known for her nonparticipation in the 1936 Berlin Olympics — she was kept off the Ge(...)