This cafe has cracked the secret of all the best tribute acts: being as good, if not better, than the star whose playbook you’re v(...)

 Phillip Lymbery, author of    Dead Zone: Where Wild Things Were,  in the Natural History Museum, Dublin. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Why we have to stop feeding food that people can eat, like cereals and soya, to factory-farmed animals

The luxury is all on the plate, by a chef not only making it vegan but also making it great

The Peacock Cafe: Pre-theatre is the only dinner they do, and only on nights when there is a show on upstairs

A theatre cafe that is pared-back, but never loses the plot

Catherine Cleary takes a shot at an inanimate target at the end of a day of deer hunting.

Restaurant critic Catherine Cleary witnesses the truth behind a plate of venison

Review: A new Dublin city centre winebar has a pleasant surprise in store: good food

This summer’s food truck festival will serve everything from chocolate to lobster burgers, shark steaks, cuts of crocodile and one truck specialising in insect dishes

Food from from 14 countries served at event as Ireland embraces food truck culture

Featherblade: the Dawson Street steakhouse is named after the cut of meat that comes from the shoulder blade.

Excellent meat is let down by other dishes being bland

From fish-finger sandwiches to fine dining, we recommend the restaurants and cafes serving the best food in the country

Miyazaki in Cork is the humble home of ridiculously delicious food.

Miyazaki Japanese Takeaway serves delicious and subtle food in Cork

 Hang Dai on Camden Street, Dublin: “It’s not quite a full reprieve for an amazing 4,500-year-old food culture, but it’s a good start.” Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Dublin's Camden Street restaurant is a welcome change from bog-standard Chinese place

Moro Kitchen upstairs: “They’ve stripped back the plaster to reveal the brickwork, giving this slightly sad old building a handsome new face.”

A new eatery provides a delicious souk full of Middle Eastern tastes

There is a visual allure to a stack of thick American pancakes.

Having a good pan is always a huge help, particularly on Pancake Tuesday

Two Pups on Francis Street. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

This hipster cafe is precious about its coffee, but the superb food is the real gem here

Lobstar: the menu offers lobster five ways.

It’s all about the lobster in this terrific little place

The Fish Shop: The prices are mid-range but the food is several notches higher. Go now while you can still get a table

This Smithfield restaurant sources ingredients of the moment and cooks them brilliantly

The Coburg Brasserie at the Conrad Hotel in Earlsfort Terrace: does a good job of making you feel like you’re not in  hotel restaurant.

The decor may be over the top in this Dublin brasserie, but the food is a winner

Ember has a smart clubby feel. There are red leather banquettes, ridged glass panels, and a handsome bar with comfortably upholstered stools

Castlegregory’s loss is a new neighbourhood restaurant in Dublin that does things differently

The Dairy in Clapham, London: where the quieter ingredients, like the house butter whipped up with bone marrow or whiskey,  are the showstoppers

Irish chef Robin Gill is rating contestants' cooking on the TV show, but how does his own kitchen fare?

Chef Keith Coleman opened up this small place on Rathgar Road last year. It’s not vegetarian, but they use meat sparingly with ingredients such as Iberico chorizo to jazz up their dishes

This small, smart cafe has the potential to go whole hog and become a full restaurant

Mr Fox restaurant on Dublin’s Parnell Square is where  The Hot Stove used to be.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

You'll find style and substance in spades at this den of gentility

Best starter: The Green Barn, Burtown House and Garden, Athy, Co Kildare.

In a year where the mood was sombre, there was happiness and memorable moments to be found in big-hearted cooking

 Michelin stars: Damien Grey (left) and Andrew Heron at their restaurant in Blackrock. Photograph: Eric Luke

Do other chefs resent the meteoric rise of their tiny Blackrock restaurant with its one working burner and no toilet? ‘Hell yeah,’(...)

Creativity and craft make this new venture a cut above the rest

Taste is a  great dining space, above Rustic Stone

His Japanese restaurant is – mostly – memorably good, just avoid the red pepper jus

Four Vicars is located in a handsome Georgian house in Armagh

On a steep hill in a charming Georgian townhouse, the Reids have got it right

The Green Barn is a  wooden building with a Scandi-shabby feel

A winning combination of a kitchen that knows how to cook with a garden that knows how to grow

Silo founder Douglas McMaster: “I work to a different standard. My standard is brilliant.” Photograph: Luke MacGregor

The chef who ‘cooks waste’ in Silo in Brighton wants to create a world-class tour de force

While the food is nothing to swoon over, you'll find comfort, whip smart service and a sense of place

Maeve Higgins: “If you move to New York from somewhere else, then you’re probably going to be after something. It’s a very capitalist city. You come here if you have ambitions.” Photograph: Michael Nagle

The Irish comedian on immigrants and the American right to eat a raw burger

Di Luca on Harcourt Street, Dublin, offers delicious food, but the decor is rather less appetising. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Italian restaurant more than satisfies when you’re winging it

There is much to like in this Monkstown restaurant, but also a couple of missteps

Filmmaker Brian McGinn is coming to Ireland for the Ballymaloe Litfest next May, and hopes to find inspiration here for his Netflix series, Chef’s Table

Filmmaker Brian McGinn talks about his hit Netflix show and his hopes to show the world it has been wrong about Irish food

24/10/2016 - Magazine - Piglet restaurant Piglet at Cow’s lane , Dublin. for restaurant review Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

This new wine bar with fancy tapas at €3 each shows promise

Eleven Madison Park in New York is expensive, but is it worth it? You betcha

Comfortably rustic surroundings in The Idle Wall restaurant in Westport.

Try bog butter, Clew Bay oysters and smoked Donegal mackerel at Westport’s Idle Wall

Cirillo’s is a simple idea. It’s a posh pizza and pasta joint, where both staples are given the kinds of craft, time and ingredients that lift them out of the ordinary.

Cirillo’s on Baggot Street looks like it’s been here forever, and feels like it knows what it’s doing

By any standards Clare Smyth has won at the game of cooking, managing the superhuman feat of maintaining three stars at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay for almost a decade.

Clare Smyth’s three stars at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay speak for themselves

Andrew Heron and Damien Grey in their now Michelin starred restaurant in Blackrock. Photograph:

Award for intimate Blackrock restaurant brings to 12 the number of gilded eateries on island

Andrew Heron and Damien Grey in their now Michelin starred restaurant in Blackrock. Photograph:

Heron and Grey has become one of the world’s smallest Michelin-starred restaurants

Andrew Heron and Damien Grey in their now Michelin starred restaurant in Blackrock. Photograph:

Blackrock’s Heron and Grey awarded first Michelin Star

The natty leather chairs are   a comfortable relief from school chairs or wobbly skip finds. It  all has the feel of a good room despite the vaguely industrial ceiling and bare block wall

Stylish decor and tuna that resembles a prosthetic limb

Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry outside The Dead Rabbit: Muldoon says of Ox, ‘It was honestly one of the best dining experiences I’ve had this year’

Belfast-based friendship and ambition unite the people behind Ox Meets the Rabbit, an exciting pop-up cuisine venture in Lower Man(...)

Wednesday dinners at the Fumbally are cooked by a rotating panel of chefs, which means your dinner is being cooked by a fresh chef, bringing a new idea and some new ingredients to the kitchen

The Wednesday dinners at the local cafe are pretty fantastic – but for heaven’s sake don’t tell anyone

Is this  the fish restaurant of my dreams? Nearly. They’re putting fresh fish on plates at a good price

Once the restaurant settles down, Clontarf should have itself another good neighbourhood eatery

The Ramen Bar is located at the back of  Kokoro Sushi, 51 William St South, Dublin 2. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Japanese noodle soup hasn’t become as fashionable in Dublin as it is in London, but it is certainly trending here, and this little(...)

George cooks up a storm in ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. Illustration: © Quentin Blake 2016

The great storyteller would have hated to be called a gourmet – but he was

Conor and Marc Bereen, the brothers behind Coppinger Row and the South William Bar, have taken to their new site like  ducks to water. Photograph: Eric Luke

This new eatery knows what it wants to be – a smart city bar and restaurant serving great food

Sova Food Vegan Butcher: this is not Vegan Butcher is not a joke, it’s an  intriguing new idea. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Has a Dublin neighbourhood eaten itself and is now entirely made of parody and artisan cheese? No, this little restaurant provides(...)

Sweet Beat Cafe, Bridge St, Sligo Sweet Beat Cafe, Bridge St, Sligo

This country cafe could teach some of the city slickers a thing or two about how to get the best from vegetables

It’s a restaurant that looks like it was put together by the A-Team after they were locked in a shipping yard with several litres of pastel paint

Indoor-outdoor eateries are springing up everywhere – here are some of the best

I like the elegance of the place and most of the food, but Unicorn feels like a restaurant in a holding pattern I like the elegance of the place and most of the food, but Unicorn feels like a restaurant in a holding pattern

Apart from a tweak of the name, it seems not much has changed at this old perennial’s latest incarnation

Da Mimmo is more than just a great neighbourhood restaurant grown out of a small humble seed. It’s a delicious act of defiance

A wonderful neighbourhood joint serves up classic Italian fare at takeaway prices

Alexandre Couillon: about to become one of France’s best-known chefs

A French genius will be featured on ‘Chef’s Table’ – we had a taste before the Netflix fans descend

Danni Barry: “I’m left-handed and 5  ft so there were loads of difficulties,” but being a woman was not one of them. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Conference told of under-representation of women in kitchens and unpaid internships

Blessing Moyo with chef Darina Allen at Athru, a conference in Galway on equality in food. Photograph: Martina Regan

Chef says it is a "human rights issue" when speaking at Athrú conference in Galway

There's a combination of the freshest fish and the warmest welcome at this new Italian

In the knife department, a chef’s knife, a bread knife and a small paring knife are all you really need, along with a good knife sharpener to keep them sharp.

Forget designer pots and pans and stick with classic pieces that don’t have to cost the earth

You won’t love the shenanigans involved in getting a seat but you will love the food

Staying in Ireland this summer? Here are some great eating spots and places to stay

Burren Storehouse in Co Clare: ‘My favourite kind of casual restaurant’. Photograph: Yvonne Vaughan Photography

Burren Storehouse and Sheedy’s Hotel make Lisdoonvarna a food destination

An Italian-ish restaurant has a lovely canalside terrace, but the cooking ranges from comfortable to confused

Isaac Reid (age 6), Peter Reid (age 9), Catherine Cleary, and Shane Reid (age 12) have a picnic in Iveagh Gardens. Photograph: Sara Freund

Carrot peelings, stale pitta, coleslaw: going five days without waste is not easy

The Fatted Calf in Glasson, Co Westmeath. The thick old stone walls have been replaced by shiny walls of plate glass and orange leather chairs

The move from a more rural location has not diminished this restaurant’s appeal

Chateau de Brissac in the Loire valley

Fine chateaus, abbeys, vineyards and tapestries put Catherine Cleary under their spell

This tiny spot proves that when you build it well enough, they will come - just don't forget to bring cash

A meal of two halves taught us that if you treat it like a tapas bar, you’ll be well fed and watered

A very good restaurant disguised as a dive is full of surprises

The apple pie fries with salted caramel dip are “phenomenal”, we’re told. They are. Phenomenally ordinary, like party food from Iceland

It may be a good bar for a Tinder date, but not for food

Gaillot et Gray is still putting itself together, but it’s off to a great start

“Convert your kids to dark chocolate. Anything higher than 70 per cent cocoa solids contains more nutrients, less fat and less sugar than milk chocolate.” File photograph: Getty Images

Most supermarkets have plenty of options for ‘home from school and starving’ moment

Small print: the nutritional information on food is the outcome of years of lobbying and legal wrangling between the food industry and the public-health lobby

More accurate labels for these foods would say ‘battery-farmed chicken’, ‘sugar-sweetened bagels’, ‘50 per cent sugar’

The interior of Marcel’s on Merrion Row in Dublin.

Marcel’s on Merrion Row is half-pub, half-restaurant - but how’s the food?

Husband-and-wife behind Two Cooks in Sallins, Co Kildare

Patricia Daly, left, and Domini Kemp: their new book, The Ketogenic Kitchen, reverses the food pyramid. Photograph: Joanne Murphy

Cancer survivors Patricia Daly and Domini Kemp have written a book on keto cookery

Craft stands out like a neatly groomed thumb, all tasteful navy outside with minimalist simple branding, and the cynic in me is suspicious.

Craft’s Philip Yeung has put good flavours and beautiful food on plates at great prices

Murph's Bistro at the Derragarra Inn, Butlersbridge, County Cavan. Photo: Adrian Donohoe.

Fergus Murphy has turned this old inn into a bistro serving some good local ingredients

Russell Wilde, Owner Manager and David O’Byrne, Head Chef, at  “Richmond” restaurant in Portobello Dublin. Photo credit Ros Kavanagh

Richmond used to be late-night dive the Gigs Place, and what a transformation

The long-standing Duck restaurant in Gorey has a confidence about its food and service

The Little Kitchen needs to grow up fast to follow in the footsteps of its successful big sister

The Camden Street restaurant may look retro, but is a long way from 1990s McMadras

Manifesto Italian restaurant Rathmines. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

This Italian restaurant, just beside Rathmines town hall clock, serves fine meat, pizza and pasta

The simplest of good ingredients lie at the heart of this restaurant

Filmmaker Alex Gibney and writer Michael Pollan worked on the Netflix documentary series, and Pollan says: “One of the great things about writing books or making documentaries is that you get paid to learn.”

The message remains strong: cooking food, and thinking about its origins, can be a revelation

Brothers Jack and Theo Kirwan’s salad bar brings a new element to the soup, salad and wrap lunch

The Elephant’s Ear in Dublin’s Churchtown has taken the gastropub model by the horns

Kilmainham’s got a new Hiberno-Scandi-bistro neighbourhood restaurant

This cosy spot on St Andrew’s Street nails the wine-with-tasty-food night out perfectly

There’s a queue outside the Happy Pear as people line up in the chilly light for redemption with a light sprinkling of chia seeds. But we’re headed somewhere a little less well-known

A smart new restaurant where chicken takes centre stage

Big bright and friendly and that’s just the flavours in this super restaurant

The tiny Iyer’s in Cork offers southern Indian vegetarian street food staples made from scratch

Dream dinner: A flight to Stockholm, a four-hour train trip and a further drive will get you to one of the world’s most remote restaurants, Faviken

What will be the food fads this year? Plus what restaurants are on our critic's wishlist?

Ruth graduated in November and went to work as a chef de partie at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, having worked there part-time since her second year in college

From fermentation workshops to cheffing to teaching kitchen skills to communities, here are five people making a difference in the(...)

Mews, in Baltimore, Co Cork is overall winner for Dinner of the Year.

This year’s list awards more-out-of Dublin restaurants than any previous one

Tannery Restaurant

For afters we highlight some of best places to eat in lull between Christmas and New Year

The banquettes and backlit campari bottles at Luna by Odos Architects

Old school and unashamedly bling in places, this Drury St restaurant is a crowd pleaser

The Strawberry Restaurant, Brooklodge, Macreddin Village, Co Wicklow

Hotels have come out of the boiled cabbage school of catering to be great places to eat

Le Petit Pois:  in  an old stone building at the end of lane off Victoria Place in Galway city

This cheerful family run place with French food and wine excels at relaxed good dining

Ballymaloe Relish

Not everyone was happy when Ballymaloe Relish teamed up with McDonald’s recently, but the product was never intended to be exclusi(...)

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