Israel, Hamas and Gaza


Sir, – I agree with Dominic Carroll (July 11th) about the sad situation in Palestine and Israel. Is everyone else waiting for another member of the UN to propose a resolution at the assembly to suggest a peace-keeping force between these warring nations, or has it become too routine to comment? – Yours etc,


Birchfield Park,

Goatstown, Dublin 14.

Sir, – Dominic Carroll (July 11th) asks where all the letter writers have gone on the subject of the current round of conflict in the region. Speaking for myself, I was waiting for a word of sympathy from letter writers, bloggers and the wider pro-Palestinian activist community for the murdered teenagers and a condemnation for the Hamas rocketing of civilians in Israel.

Come the Israeli retaliation, all woke from their moral slumber and the usual themes were trotted out; everything from hyperbolic comparisons between Israel and the Nazis to mealy-mouthed insinuations that missiles carrying 75-pound payloads are somehow intrinsically ineffective and not rendered so by Israel’s efforts to protect its population. – Yours, etc,


Dundanion Road,

Ballintemple, Cork.