Controversy over Leinster final


Madam, – Meath’s decision not to grant a match replay to Louth reveals GAA sports are in good health and right up there with even 21st-century soccer – they are as ridden by cheating and rotten decisions as is soccer. Further, the non-interference by the powers-that-be in the GAA reveals they truly are as sophisticated as Fifa. I shall await with bated breath the meaningless remainder of the GAA football season (not); and we can rest assured that many Irish youngsters are receiving top guidance on 21st-century sporting morality, both nationally and internationally. Welcome to the 21st-century GAA. – Yours, etc,


Glendoher Park,

Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Madam, – The perfect solution to the Meath-Louth dilemma would be to borrow the German oracle octopus. Since it always identifies the winner correctly, I’m sure both sides would agree to abide by his/her decision. Then there would be nothing fishy about the result. – Yours, etc,


Ard-na-Veigh, Sligo.