UK minister drops Olympic bell clanger


The British minister in charge of the London Olympics said today he could not promise a tournament without glitches - and then promptly broke an Olympic bell which flew off its handle and hit his publicist.

"My goodness me! Terrible moment there! Health and safety," an embarrassed secretary of state for culture, Olympics, media and sport Jeremy Hunt said after dropping an Olympic-size clanger with the ceremonial bell.

Checking his assistant was unhurt, Mr Hunt said: "There we are, disaster averted, thank you. You got more TV there than you expected."

Mr Hunt could have been accused of tempting fate as he took part in a mass bell-ringing event to celebrate the official start of the Games.

Before striking his bum note, he said: "I can't say there won't be any hitches because this really is one of the biggest things you can do ... There are huge amounts to get right. There are always one or two teething problems. But I am very confident we are ready."

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