February 22nd 2016

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Abortion: Repeal of Eighth Amendment

Coalition choice and Taoiseach

Special Criminal Court


This survey in the Republic of Ireland was conducted exclusively on behalf of The Irish Times by Ipsos MRBI, among a national quota sample of 1,200 representative of the c.3.4m adults aged 18 upwards, covering one hundred and twenty sampling points throughout all constituencies in the Republic of Ireland. Personal in-home interviewing took place on February 19th and 20th and the accuracy level is estimated to be approximately plus or minus 2.8%.
In all respects, the survey was conducted within the guidelines laid down by The Marketing Society of Ireland, and by ESOMAR.
A question on voting importance has been included in this latest poll. All respondents are asked how much
their vote counts on a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 means it “makes no difference” and 10 means it “makes all
the difference”. Those answering 1 to this question are treated as non-voters and are excluded from our party
preference calculation, along with those who don’t know how they will vote or say they will not vote.
Extracts from the report may be quoted or published on condition that due acknowledgement is given to:
The Irish Times and Ipsos MRBI.