Jedward twinned in Wax Museum


At the unveiling of their sculptures in the National Wax Museum today, John and Edward Grimes, or Jedward, had one overriding concern. “Normally when you go to waxworks they say ‘please don’t touch’,” John explained. “Ours will say ‘please don’t touch the hair.’”

Head sculptor PJ Heraty had gone for the classic Jedward mono-spike style, eschewing the more moody, tousled look which has defined the latter stages of the pair’s career. But, wondered Edward, “what if in a hundred years we lost all our hair and they had to make them bald?”

Such concerns were far from the mind of Paddy Dunning, the museum’s owner, who reckons the new additions will bring in a lot more young people. “For a long time we’ve been asking the public what figures they want… and Jedward was up there,” he said.

Today was also the day the museum’s resurrected Popemobile took its maiden spin around the streets of Dublin. The gathered photographers had hoped John and Edward would be among its first passengers. Alas, the boys were too preoccupied with their waxy likenesses to get excited about John Paul II’s old ride.

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