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Sat, Jul 12, 2014, 00:00

Greece back on the rails
International train service has resumed to Greece for the first time since February 2011, when it was cancelled due to the financial crisis. You can travel to Thessaloniki daily from either Sofia (seven hours, from €35.60 return) or Belgrade (13.5 hours, from €54.10 return). There is also a regular service from Thessaloniki to Athens (left) .

No more boardingcard nightmares?
Ryanair’s new mobile app will be launched on Monday, and is set to all the functions of the website. It will allow passengers to board flights using an electronic boarding pass rather than printing one out. You will also be able to check fares, make bookings and check-in for upcoming flights and then receive your boarding pass as a scannable QR code or as a PDF attachment in an email.

Passengers who do not have smartphones can still check-in on the website and print boarding passes in the usual manner.

The move is part of an industry-wide shift that may see the end of staffed check-in desks as early as 2015, replaced by auto check-in systems that the International Air Transport Association says will make for “hassle-free travel” and save the industry up to $500 million/€366 million a year.



Those pedalling kids . . .
Paris has launched the world’s first bike-share scheme for kids, introducing four new bike types to its Vélib system. Called P’tit Vélib, it includes a no-pedal balance bike for under-fours as well as bigger ones, with or without stabilisers. The new bikes are currently available at seven locations throughout the city and are priced like the regular bikes: first half hour is free, €4 for up to three hours, €7 for the day. See

Million euro knees-up
Have a spare €1 million for the ultimate holiday booze-up? If you do (and the price is for two), then UK travel specialists Holidays Please have put together the Ultimate Drink Con- noisseurs’ Holiday, which takes you to 10 countries where you will indulge in the world’s fanciest tipples. How about some Armand de Brignac Dynastie (aka Ace of Spades), the world’s most expensive Champagne at €415,000 a bottle? Or a nice glass from one of 12 ultra-rare bottles of Penfolds Ampoule, an Australian cabernet sauvignon that retails for €138,000? You’ll travel business class and stay in five-star hotels. Of course. See

Floating sunglasses
US eyewear company Dragon Alliance has come up with the summer’s must- have accessory: floating sunglasses. The company’s best-selling collection (the Jam) has been fitted with a specially injected frame that stays afloat in any body of water. They cost between €130-140; see

Tailor-made city tours
This week marked the opening of the Adler Mountain Lodge, perched 1800m in Italy’s Alpe de Siusi, a Unesco world heritage site. It comprises a central wooden lodge and 12 chalets on the site of the original Hotel Mezdi, built in 1938 just below the Col da Mezdi (Midday Peak). The 30-room property has spa and health facilities and a wraparound infinity pool with sensational views. Room rates start at €210 a head and include meals and drinks, guided skiing, hiking, mountain biking and yoga. See