And the winner is . . .Après-Match


POWERS SHORT STORY COMPETITION:A story about eating chips with your dad after the match took first prize in this year’s Powers Short Story Competition. The winner, Cristina Galvin, tells STUART CROSShow she interpreted the theme, celebrating what truly matters.

GALWAYWOMAN CRISTINA GALVIN has scooped the €10,000 prize in the Powers Short Story competition. A yoga teacher with a background in public health research, she finds time for her writing at night. “I write in the closet at midnight,” says Galvin. “It is where I live. I like the silence.”

Having worked in research into HIV in the US and Russia, Galvin moved back to Ireland in 2007 to carry out research on gerontology. She is currently between jobs and, despite her car going “belly-up” and struggling to make the rent, she has decided to spend the prize money on something special.

Galvin completed the MA in writing at NUI Galway three years ago and has been longlisted in the New Writer of the Year competition on the Over the Edge writers’ blog ( She hopes the Powers prize will give her confidence to be “serious” about her writing, and a sense of entitlement to write in the daylight hours too.