Sharing the cost of being a tenant and I can’t open my new front door

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Thu, May 8, 2014, 00:00

It would be my opinion that your mother in law should engage her solicitor to write to the selling agent specifically outlining the issues within the development and noting that these issues should be brought to the attention of the purchaser. If you are aware of the solicitor acting for the vendor, they should also be contacted in this manner.

It does however, seem unlikely that a sale will actually proceed given that there would appear that there isn’t a formal management company in place and with a range of issues concerning the development, it is unlikely that the purchasing solicitor will advise a purchaser to proceed with a sale. Likewise a bank is unlikely to provide funding for the purchase of the property under these circumstances.

Therefore, I would suggest that a management structure within the development is formalised. This is in the interest of all three property owners and whilst there will be costs incurred such as filing accounts for a management company and fees to a management agent (should you wish to engage in the services of one), it will ultimately be in the property development’s best interest that the management company structure is formalised.

With regard to the arrears in order of €2,500, this is a matter for your solicitor to recover. I would suggest that all documentation relating to the original agreement is sent to them, they will be able to advise on the appropriate means of recovery.

I hope that this matter is resolved as it appears to be distressing for all concerned.

John O’Sullivan is a chartered surveyor and estate agent and sits on the residential agency professional group of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

Q After a lot of research I bought a composite front door from a reputable door company and they fitted it.

In the beginning my (adult) children found it very difficult to open the door but I thought they just weren’t used to a door with a handle (you need two hands to pull the door towards you and then try to turn the key to open it). As the weeks passed however, I found it increasingly hard to open the door myself as the weight seems to be misplaced so the handle can’t function correctly.

The after care service was very good insofar as they sent a fitter out to look at the door. He had no problem opening the door. He tightened the door by tightening the levers and said that I would not have any further problems. If anything, this only made the door worse.

I called the company again and they sent another person out who couldn’t find any fault. I think he thought I was making it up. He decided it may be the handle and has ordered me a new one, although he could see no problem with the door. I am now waiting for the handle which I feel was a token gesture by the company. I am still having great difficulty getting into my home. We try to have someone at home at all times so that we can get in. On two occasions my son had to sit for hours waiting for someone to help him get in. We now have to bring our back door keys out which means leaving our side gate unsecured which is not ideal. Have you any ideas? I spent a lot of money on this door.

A Clearly you have done your research into the door and now have the conundrum that it appears not to work. It is not my place to look at the legal angle of your purchase and you have not described the procurement process so I will try to examine exactly what might have physically gone wrong.

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