Glasser: Interiors

Fri, Oct 25, 2013, 00:00




True Panther


The main issue many will have with Cameron Mesirow’s second album is that it’s not another Ring. That one introduced Mesirow as a fully formed artist with fascinating ideas about electronic pop. Three years on, her second album arrives burnishing a concept about the spaces and furniture that surround us. It’s nowhere as immediate or as groundbreaking as its predecessor, though the lush, swirling, textured electronic pulses and bleeps are quite enchanting. Mesirow’s biggest asset is her voice, and she skims it like a stone over the surface of some off-kilter arrangements on Design and Exposure. Surprisingly, she holds back rather than pushing the limits, as if loath to disrupt the overall flow. Whatever the reason for her reticence, let’s hope Mesirow realises that doing the unexpected always yield better results than playing it safe.
Download: Design, Exposure