Eno/Hyde: High Life

Fri, Jul 4, 2014, 00:00


High Life




Following on from the May release of their first collaboration, Someday World, Brian Eno and Karl Hyde continue to expand their original ideas into musical areas that seemed unfit for purpose first time around. Essentially ricocheting around similar motifs – albeit in a way that effortlessly surpasses their contemporaries and plagiarists – High Life veers from supreme electronica (Return) and finely tuned funk (Time to Waste) to song-based folksiness, à la Penguin Cafe Orchestra (Lilac) and spectral Bell Laboratory-like tunes (Cells & Bells). Unlike Someday World, there’s a strong sense of mutually inclusive adaptability going on here – and less constraint as well – even if the weaker tracks (DBF, Moulded Life) overly fret with what seems to be a crushing need to set your teeth on edge. enohyde.com
Download: Return, Lilac, Cells & Bells