Liz Lawrence


Bedroom HeroAngle Records ***

Anyone looking for a singer-songwriter who sounds like Adele would if she morphed into a blend of Laura Marling and Kate Nash could check out this decent debut album. Liz Lawrence is a UK songwriter of Irish extraction (aren’t they all?) who, either by fault or design, has identified an opening in the singer-songwriter matrix. In other words, what she does isn’t spectacular, idiosyncratic, awesome or innovative, but it’s unremarkableness done in such a smart way that you’d wonder why other, perhaps more cynical, practitioners of the art form hadn’t already thought of it. It helps that the tunes are bulletproof and the lyrics are clever. Songs such as the title track, I’d Rather; When I Was Younger; Give me Comfort; Monday Morning; Black and Blue; and Fools Gold deliver the snappy singer-songwriter goods in no uncertain terms.

Download tracks:When I Was Younger, Monday Morning, Black and Blue