Tech Tools: CreoPop $119

3D pen that may be affordable enough

Thu, Jul 24, 2014, 01:00

3D printing may be the tech of the moment, but what about the average user? While it may be hard to justify the cost of a decent 3D printer just to print tiny replicas of almost anything you can think of, the 3D pen may be just affordable enough. The 3Doodler has already made it to the Irish market, but a new pen may be about to challenge it.

CreoPop is an Indiegogo project that more than tripled its target. The difference is that CreoPop uses cool ink rather than heating plastic to make it liquid. And it also has different types of ink – glow-in-the-dark and colour-changing inks are already being made, with promises to develop elastic, conductive and magnetic materials if it gets enough funding.