Momentum can be earned but sometimes it is completely random

The hard thing about momentum is that you might not have enough funding, time or public exposure to take advantage of it

Fri, Jun 27, 2014, 16:58

Random momentum

This is the most frustrating and wondrous type of momentum because you are never really sure what caused it. Sometimes something just resonates with customers and grows because you hit the right market at the right time. I bet everyone reading this article knows someone who is currently doing the juice detox diet or has done it in the past few weeks? Juice detox-ing has been around for years and yet in the past few months the momentum has been incredible with new juicing companies popping up all around the country. I don’t think you could say they have re-invented juice or that it has never been offered in a convenient format before but people are going wild for the stuff.

Plenty of companies present similar product offerings around the same time, take the Uber and Hailo stand off at the moment - who will win? There are lots of contributing factors, a great team, strong financing, innovative marketing strategies but at the end of the day the winner will be the company who brings all those factors together to create a magic momentum that will crush the competition and give them market share and advantage.

Waves of momentum

A very successful female entrepreneur recently told us not to be discouraged by things plateauing for a bit because as much as everyone wants to be constantly moving forward and progressing its not always possible. This is hard to hear but if you embrace the sentiment it allows you to step back and think about if your business handled the last wave adequately, did you etch out every last bit of value? Or are you prepared for the next wave and how can you align all your efforts whether it’s building up the team, securing funding or investing in marketing.

Moral of the story, you can work hard to create momentum and sometimes it will absolutely pay off at the right time but don’t forget that it might not always happen when you want it to and you need to be ready for the highs and lows in a start ups growth. The best strategy is to plan extensively and ensure everyone on your team knows what milestones are important and how you aim to get there, be your own momentum as much as possible.