Business Communication

Elizabeth Tierney. Oak Tree Press. €14.99

Mon, Mar 24, 2014, 09:52


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Business communications


Elizabeth Tierney

Oak Tree Press

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This is the latest in the quick win series of books that aim to provide practical skills and tips on various areas of management. Author Tierney is a consultant and lecturer in communications and management who has taught in Ireland and Spain.

The book takes the form of 100 questions and answers, split over six sections, covering business communications techniques, meeting and interviews, writing, speaking and presenting with a final chapter on how to achieve business communications excellence.

The book is designed so you can dip in and seek answers to specific questions and answers to queries can be found not only from the contents list but also from a subject grid at the start and by using cross references at the end of each of the 100 answers. The topics that can be searched easily include; audience, clarity, credibility, decision-making, feedback, image, message and preparation.

According to the author, most of us take the process of communicating for granted but although we communicate all the time, we don’t always do so successfully. Better communication avoids problems and save time.