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Are you general election fit? We can already tell that general election 2016 is going to be about soundbites, photos and panto sketches rather than policies and practice
Here’s the Choice Music Prize shortlist for y’all… If OTR was compiling it, that is
The first wrap of 2016 That's How It Is, Winter Pages, celebrity profiles, Aiden Lambert RIP, concert hall design, dance music vocalists, Killer Mike, ex-cons etc
The 50 best tracks of 2015 The 50 best tracks from the last 12 months or so - plus a Spotify playlist for your Spotify freaks
The 50 best albums of 2015 The 50 best albums of 2015
The last wrap of 2015 Climate change, Detroit 1963, Auto Tune, water, blog payola, streaming, street basketball, Giant Steps, Low End Theory, landlines etc
The Xmas playlist – OTR’s seasonal selection box Festive tunes from Lou Rawls, Lord Beginner, Mary Margaret O'Hara, David Bowie, Charlie Parker, Trombone Shorty and others
New Music – Wallace, Camel Power Club, Callous Crows New music hurrahs from Sydney, Bordeaux and Kildare