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Banter says howya A look at the evolution of the Dublin accent, language and slang
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New Music – Powers, Laurie Shaw, Weaves New arrivals from New York, The Wirral/Kerry/Cork and Toronto
Music Collection – Fujiya & Miyagi Frontman David Best on his love for E.S.G., Donna Summer, Can, Terry Riley, The Units, The Beta Band and others
The wrap says watch your step Sleep, Grantland, work, digital ghosts, Tower Records, rappers selling CDs, Ugg boots, desert boots, marathons and much more
Shine of the times An the Belfast club turns 20, an interview wth Shine founder Alan Simms
The real Cork jazz festival The ECM Weekend Festival brings one of the world's finest record labels to Cork
If you only read one interview with a music manager today… Career advice galore from Scott Rodger as he kicks the truth to bands and managers about the current state of play within the industry