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Music Futures An afternoon of discussions about what comes next for music in Dublin as part of 12 Points and MusicTown
The marriage equality referendum and the hearts and minds campaign The yes and no camps are working away on their campaigns, but the vast majority of voters are not quite as engaged
New Frank Ocean album in July Frank's on his way back
Unlocking the Truth’s major label fandango The kids who caught our attention as heavy metal buskers have found that life in the major label world is not all sweetness and light
The playlist – the sounds of the week at OTR HQ Tunes and Easter eggs from Tigertown, Sufjan Stevens, Gil Scott-Heron, James Murphy, Will Joseph Cook, HNNY, Art Blakey, Leon Huff and more
New Music – Colleagues, Foreign Fields, Mating Ritual New acts to add to your must-check-out lists from Stockholm, Nashville and Los Angeles
Banter at CĂșirt 2015 Banter on food fads and other highlights from the Galway International Festival of Literature
Tidal: a big wave or a drop in the streaming ocean? The success or failure of Jay Z's new streaming service will come down to three groups: fans, labels & the 99 per cent of acts who were not at the launch