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OTR column – striking the right note with Musical.ly The success of the app shows the huge pulling power of music when it came to getting people engaged and involved
The playlist – the tracks of the week at OTR Tracks from Frank Ocean, Flamingosis, Niamh Regan, Warpaint, Betty Harris, Marlena Shaw etc
Trump vs Clinton: Banter on the US Presidential Election Who's going to move into the White House next January?
New Music – The Paranoid Style, Ethan Burns, Nyxen Future musical heroes to meet from Washington DC, California and Sydney
Who wants another exclusive Frank Ocean album? As high profile artists and streaming services continue to play footsie, exclusives are the latest music business battleground
Ticket touting finally goes mainstream Let's remember that ticket touting will continue to exist even after the Olympics' circus leaves Rio
The wrap didn’t win any medals Louis Stewart, Chance the Rapper, DJ-ing, super-recognisers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, lean, Chopped Herring Records etc
OTR column – the picks of the Picnic There are over 1,000 artists playing at the Electric Picnic and here are 10 to catch