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The playlist – the sounds of the week at OTR HQ Tracks for your bank holiday weekend listening pleasure from Orbital, Kiesza, Orchestra Baobab, Halos, The Slowest Clock, Caribou, Christian Scott and many more
New Music – Ludvig Moon, Blossom, Bad Sounds New arrivals for you to give the thumbs up to from Oslo, Surrey and London
Meet the Commish Banter goes uptown for a date with Dublin's new commissioner for start ups
Mos Def to play Dublin next month Hear the classic "Black On Both Sides" album live 15 years on from release
Lupe Fiasco walks the walk and talks the talk again Lupe Fiasco's latest problems with Atlantic Records over release dates is not the first time the rapper and the label have clashed
The water wars Irish Water may have made a hames of the one job they had to do, but they've managed to do something unique by uniting protesters across class lines
Flying Lotus, Dublin, April 2015 Incoming date for "You're Dead" space cadet
From the paper – Lethal Dialect interview Dubliner rapper Paul Alwright talks music and science