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OTR column – the classical and club hook-up You don't have to be a raver to be a classical musician, but it helps
The playlist – the tunes of the week at OTR HQ Including Elliott Smith, Xylouris White, Dorothy Ashby, Romare, "American Honey", Solange etc
New Music – The Shacks, Games Violet, Children of Zeus New duos to cheer from New York, Dublin/Philadelphia and Manchester
People talking about music and other stuff Recent interviews from the paper with Jinx Lennon, David Holmes, Sunil Sharpe, Danny Brown, Vicky Hamilton and Vlad Sepetov
Giving people a greater say in how their cities are run What's stopping ordinary citizens from playing a bigger role in how their cities operate?
The wrap is kicking the truth to the rural youth The start-the-week reading list featuring the Wu-Tang Clan, Leonard Cohen, Winter Papers, friendship, headaches, streaming royalties, swearing etc
OTR column – selling albums alongside pillows and cushions Dedicated record shops may be closing down, but furniture and homeware shops are becoming vinyl slingers
The playlist – the tunes of the week at OTR HQ Including Angie Stone, Cathy Davey, Bell X1, NxWorries, Lo Moon, Coldcut, Telephones and others