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The wrap is now available in 4G Cheerleaders, David Simon, The Martinez Brothers, datamining 2014's culture lists, Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", Stuart Galbraith, Bobby Shmurda etc
The playlist – the soundtrack at OTR’s HQ this week Tunes to kick-start your weekend from Sleater-Kinney, My Bubba, The Waterboys, Melanie de Biasio, Arca, 99 Souls, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp and others
Banter 101: the hunter turns hunted Banter's tribute to George Orwell's Room 101 sees the tables getting turned
New Music – Heymoonshaker, Carmen Villain, Jordie Sunshine New music to check out from here, there and everywhere
The music industry’s generation gap Two panels at Eurosonic illustrated some interesting generational gaps, especially when it comes to the live music sector
The importance of a music festival to Iceland’s economy 10 things we learned about Iceland Airwaves and the festival's relationship with the country at last week's Eurosonic
Any producers, DJs or musicians in the audience? Red Bull Music Academy heads to Paris in 2015 and the application process opens this week
The Jam Sessions go inside the song A week of electronic, punk and trad music dissections from THEATREclub