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Sufjan Stevens, Dublin, August Sufjan Stevens brings one of the albums of the year "Carrie & Lowell" to town in August
10 things we learned this weekend Tales from the weekend including Record Store Day, Glassland, Flying Lotus, HamsandwicH, Music Futures, Godspeed You! Black Emperor etc
The playlist – the tracks of the week at OTR HQ Tunes to get you in the weekend mood from M.O., Adia Victoria, Ratatat, HamsandwicH, LunchMoney Lewis, Richard Rodney Bennett, Bishop Nehru and others
New Music – Georgia, Algiers, Goodbye Tomorrow New music hurrahs including leftfield pop, a massive band in the making from Atlanta and mysterious Windy City hip-hop
Buried Treasure: X marks the spot In a world with millions of tracks and albums available on streaming services, you need reliable guides like Buried Treasure
The Irish music festival scene’s annual health check Coachella and a grand stretch in the evenings means the festival season is on the way so where do things stand for the Irish summer gigs and events?
Mumford & Sons: not part of the Tidal one per cent A successful band like Mumford & Sons will be all over Jigga's Tidal buzz like a rash, right? Well, no
Musicians talking about music and other matters Interviews from the paper with Villagers, Hank Shocklee, Daniel Lanois and Colm Mac Con Iomaire