Discover a new look for the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk

Sponsored Cadbury Dairy Milk range gets a makeover

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Wed, Nov 6, 2013, 09:07

The iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk eight-square range, made in Ireland since 1933, has a great new easy reclose pack with the same chocolate perfection. 
Cadbury Dairy Milk will now provide this great new look and re-closable packaging across its eight variants in the Cadbury Dairy Milk range, which includes Caramello, Mint Crisp, Turkish, Fruit & Nut, Golden Crisp, Milk Chocolate, Wholenut and Tiffin. 
Each of the eight square individual bars will have their own unique twist with a new symbol for each flavour in the range.
The chocolate itself will have the same great taste with no change to its size or weight and the eight square variants continue to be made in Ireland, where Cadbury Dairy Milk has been made for 80 years, since 1933.
Speaking about the news wrapper, Cadbury Brand Manager Eoghan Crawford commented: ‘For 80 years Cadbury Dairy Milk has been the most iconic bar of chocolate in Ireland. It has evolved in appearance over time and we are delighted to present the new-look, easy reclose wrapper. Cadbury Dairy Milk’s same chocolate perfection has not changed so people all over can still enjoy their favourite chocolate bar.”
Cadbury Dairy Milk is the biggest selling brand of chocolate in Ireland, over three times bigger than the second biggest chocolate brand* and recently topped a nationwide survey*, ranking it as the number one chocolate brand for ‘giving you the best chocolaty taste’ and ‘having the best ingredients’.