Prof Patrick Johnston: His memorial is the many who have survived or avoided cancer thanks to his work

Paddy Johnston, who has died suddenly after a cycle ride in Donegal, was internationally recognised as a leading cancer researcher, and an outstanding(...)

Geneticist Prof Kenneth Wolfe of UCD, who has been elected a fellow of the Royral Society.

A genetic scientist based at University College Dublin has been elected a fellow of the Royal Society in recognition of his scientific research. Kenn(...)

Pictured (l-r) are co-founders of EpiCor Therapeutics, a UCD School of  Medicine start-up: Dr Chris Watson, Dr Nadia Glezeva and Dr John Baugh,  overall winner of the 2016 UCD VentureLaunch Accelerator Programme

The development of a drug to treat devastating heart disease and a revolutionary system that cuts wound closure time after surgery by 80 per cent are (...)

When the Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui  told reporters at the Rio Olympics that she was suffering from period pain during a relay, her comments raised eyebrows and lit up Twitter. Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters

When the Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui casually told reporters at the Rio Olympics that she was suffering from period pain during a relay, her comments r(...)

“If it’s a bright day, summer or winter, it’s a good idea to use sunscreen whenever you’re outdoors – (or)if you sit (inside)by the window.”

Expert advice on how to maintain healthy skin hasn’t changed much over the years. From cancer experts to beauty gurus, the bottom line remains: wear s(...)

From left, Prof Shane O’Mara, Dr Áine Kelly and Dr Sabina Brennan took part in Trinity College Dublin’s week-long focus on memory.  Photograph: Sharpix

How does our memory work? What can we do to keep it in good shape? Can we actually prevent a decline in memory? These were just some of the questions(...)

Melancholia or depression was a common problem in other war hospitals too and was the most common diagnosis (18 per cent) among soldiers from the expeditionary force in France admitted to the Lord Derby War Hospital in Lancashire

In late 1918, Private JK, a 19-year old single private in the British army, was admitted to the Richmond War Hospital, a 32-bed establishment on the g(...)

Jack Andraka speaks after receiving Smithsonian Magazine’s first annual American Ingenuity Award for youth achievement.  photograph: brendan hoffman/getty images

Looking at the two years of extensive media coverage of American teenage science prodigy Jack Andraka, his popular TED talks (there are several), the (...)

Dr Nora Khaldi, founder of Nuritas Ltd: “When I started working in food it quickly became clear that this was where the opportunity lay.”
New innovator: Nuritas

For most people, food is food. For bioinformatics specialist Nora Khaldi, it is the starting point for a data mining process that will analyse a foods(...)

In its earliest stages, HIV infection can be relatively silent – without testing for it, you wouldn’t know for sure it is there. But if a perso(...)

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