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Apollo 11 astronaut Dr Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin is coming to Cork to participate in a prestigious spaces studies programme. File photograph: Getty Images

He was there when Neil Armstrong uttered his immortal lines, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” as he stepped on to the Moon.(...)

Wonder Woman is played by former Israeli defence forces veteran Gal Gadot

It’s a question that has plagued womankind since the dawn of time. Or at least since the dawn of the Silver Age of Comics. Is Wonder Woman a feminist?(...)

The International Space Station, from which Ireland’s first satellite, Eirsat 1, will be launched. Photograph: Nasa

For a sector that’s inspirational, recession-proof and astronomically ambitious, look no further than the stars. Irish exports to the European space (...)

Charred landscape: members of the Defence Forces extinguishing gorse fires in Cloosh valley, Galway. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

The Government has been accused by the Green Party of negligence and a lack of foresight over the recent spate of gorse fires around the country. It (...)

The bookies do not anticipate that Ireland’s Brendan Murray will make it to the final.  Photograph: Michael Campanella/Getty Images

If the bookies are to be believed, our national Eurovision disgrace is set to continue at this evening’s semi-final. They do not anticipate that Irela(...)

Footing turf near Seanafeistin as a gorse fire burns in Cloosh Valley, Connemara, on Tuesday. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

As gorse fires continue to rage in many areas, landowners and the public have been warned it is illegal to burn any vegetation growing on land during (...)

The pen that can write upside down, or anywhere you want it to

Versions of this smartwatch will not be available to Irish buyers for a bit, as it is tied to a US provider, but there is no doubt we will have som(...)

Look! No hands: Self-driving vehicles are on the way, sooner rather than later

It is rather like that moment in Generic Science Fiction Movie 2: The Return. The rag-tag group of surviving humans are cloistered in the corner of so(...)

Asteroid 2014 J025 will not come as close to Earth for another 500 years. Stock image: Getty/Nasa.

An asteroid more than 400 meters wide will pass close to Earth on Wednesday, zooming by at a distance of just over 1.8 million km. Smaller asteroids (...)

In this image made from video provided by Nasa, US astronauts Peggy Whitson, above, and Shane Kimbrough work on the outside of the International Space Station on Thursday. An important piece of micrometeorite shielding was lost during the spacewalk. Photograph: Nasa/AP

A five-foot (1.5-metre) debris shield being installed on the International Space Station floated away into space on Thursday during a spacewalk by two(...)

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