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Incident happened in Temple Bar on   July 23rd, 2014.

A 16-year-old girl who was caught on CCTV footage stamping and kicking a Brazilian national in the head 15 times has been given a three year sentence.(...)

Peter Whittle (left): “There’s the opportunity to work abroad when I’m qualified”

When the bottom fell out of the construction industry, tradespeople such as plumbers, plasterers and builders were the first to lose their jobs. Toda(...)

Front pages reacting to the UK’s vote to leave the EU from ‘Le Monde’, ‘Bild’ and the ‘New Yorker’ at the weekend

After Bild’s one-word reaction to Brexit on Saturday – Outsch! – the German tabloid’s Sunday edition called for calm. Just because Britain had shown E(...)

Maria Brown and her boyfriend Keith.

In 2007 I had just done a diploma in journalism, met my boyfriend, and was earning good money in Dublin. He was a sheet metal worker and we rented a l(...)

A woman who needs residential care for  life allegedly due to  operations at Waterford Regional Hospital (above) has settled two legal actions against the HSE.  File photograph: Google Street View

A woman who needs residential care for the rest of her life allegedly as a result of operations at Waterford Regional Hospital has settled two legal a(...)

An ESRI study on the key risk factors in being long-term unemployed has facilitated emergence of a targeted approach and earlier intervention. File photograph: Aidan Crawley

In the immediate postwar years, the United Kingdom and many other European countries developed comprehensive social welfare systems while Ireland lagg(...)

A grave can be anything from 4 to 10 feet deep. “The gravediggers used to get paid by the foot and they’d always be delighted to get a 10-footer.” Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

How mean-spirited would you have to be to have the flaws of your wife carved onto her gravestone as soon as she goes to her eternal reward? Such a mea(...)

Simone Roche, Emma O’Carroll, Orla Kiely, Liz Kelsh, Ciara Hunt, Helen Lambert, Fiona Byrne, Breege O’Donoghue, Freida Gormley

Emma O'Carroll Textile specialist From Roscommon, the daughter of architects and one of a family of 12, O’Carroll started making and selling Aran(...)

A student in the PLC colleges system will quite possibly be open to a range of fees, levies and charges. Yet a student in a training centre will face no such charges. Photograph:  Thinkstock

PROBLEM: I would like to do a course at my local Education Training Board, but I’m not sure if I can afford it. Could you advise on financial su(...)

A Higher Education Authority report shows one in six  college students are failing to progress past their first year. Photograph: Eric Luke

Third-level colleges, like any businesses which need prospective customers, follow a simple rule: give them what they want. This equates to a place on(...)

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