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German economics minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Monday he expected existing agreements to be honoured by a new Greek government, “whoever forms it”. Photograph: Reuters

Germany has said it will not be “blackmailed” into renegotiating Greece’s rescue programme should a new hard left government take office after electio(...)

Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has attacked as demagogical and populist the anti-euro Alternative für Deutschland party, comparing it to German neo-Nazis. Photograph: Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, has called the anti-euro Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party demagogical and populist, and compa(...)

Sweden Democrats leader leader Jimmie Akesson gestures in front of a poster that reads, “Sweden’s third largest party!” at the SD’s election night party  in Stockholm on Sunday. The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats  became the country’s third largest party. Photograph: Anders Wiklund/TT News Agency/Reuters

Sweden and Germany seem like the last places in Europe where populist, anti-immigration politics could take root: Sweden because of its liberal social(...)

AfD leader Bernd Lucke: “This is a success for our voters who, with this decision, have been given a strong voice in Europe.” Photograph: Axel Schmidt/Reuters

Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party was accepted into the Conservatives’ European Parliament group yesterday, creating fresh headaches (...)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Accused of using euro crisis as a smokescreen. Photograph: EPA/Daniel Naupoldepa

The Berlin headquarters of Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lies on the northern bank of t(...)

Angela Merkel dismissed talk of greater flexibility on euro reform

Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed her “gratitude” for Ireland’s reform progress but vowed “no change” in her third-term strategy for overcoming t(...)

Bernd Lucke, the leader of the euro-critical Alternative for Germany party (AfD) in front of a campaign poster during an election campaign rally in Berlin. The placard reads “Draghi gambles, you pay”. Photograph: Reuters

Before Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, flanked by mysterious figures in blue lycra bodysuits, Alternative for Germany (AfD) leader Bernd Lucke burns fake €(...)

Chancellor  Angela Merkel speaks during an election campaign stop in a fest tent  in Dachau, Germany. Photograph: Joerg Koch/Getty Images

The European elections aren’t due until next summer but when Germans go to the polls in a month, their decision will have an impact across the contine(...)

Bernd Lucke, head of Eurosceptic party Alternative for Germany, arriving for a news conference in Berlin yesterday. Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

Germany’s new Eurosceptic party has launched its election campaign by suggesting France should leave the euro and that Ireland was bullied into accept(...)

Bernd Lucke, leader of the AfD: “Europe isn’t going to fail if the euro fails.” Photograph: Carsten Koall

German chancellor Angela Merkel was accused yesterday of polarising Europe by backing flawed rescue measures for(...)

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