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Fear of new Covid-19 strains may have swung the public mood against travel, but that will swing back again as we – eventually – get vaccinated. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

Governments in the Republic and United Kingdom this week announced plans for reopening as vaccines ease – and hopefully end – the Covid-19 crisis. The(...)

All viruses evolve and mutate as they make copies of themselves to spread and survive. This coronavirus is no different. Photograph: iStock

New, evolving coronavirus variants that are potentially more infectious and may be resistant to Covid-19 vaccines are raising concerns about the abili(...)

The Government spoke out against the measure in the debate. Photograph: iStock

The EU is to move ahead with a new law to force multinationals to reveal their tax payments and activities for each member state, as backing for the m(...)

Megan Nolan: ‘This is another thing that drinking does, this thinning of veils, spirits and souls, consciousness and unconsciousness: I don’t love you, I love you.’ Photograph: iStock

From the very beginning, whenever there was a crush, there was also a drink in my hand. In his novel High Fidelity, Nick Hornby’s narrator Rob, an unh(...)

 Ireland has consistently ranked among the poorest performing countries on the environmental sustainable development goals. Photograph: iStock

Ireland ranks in the lowest position out of 15 EU countries on environment, according to the latest Sustainable Progress Index (SPI) commissioned by S(...)

People wait to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, foreground, as others rest after being vaccinated, background, at the Brussels Expo vaccination centre. Photograph: Francisco Seco/AP Photo

Based on the current delivery schedule provided by pharmaceutical companies, Ireland believes its vaccination campaign can catch up with Britain’s or (...)

On Purchasing Power Standards, which breaks down GDP on a per capita basis, the State is ranked second after Luxembourg. Photograph: PA Wire

The cost of basic products and services in the Republic was 35.4 per cent higher than the EU average in 2019, and the second highest after Denmark, a (...)

AstraZeneca vaccines are stored and prepared  at a vaccine centre in  Copenhagen, Denmark. File photograph: Liselotte Sabroe/EPA

Everyone in Denmark who wishes to be vaccinated against Covid-19 will be offered the chance by June 27th, according to the Danish Health Authority. I(...)

Seventeen per cent of Irish people would be “very willing” to confront someone over an environmental crime compared to 15 per cent who would intervene to help someone being publicly assaulted by their partner. Photograph: Frank Miller

Irish people are more likely to personally intervene if they witness illegal dumping than if they witness domestic violence, according to a new EU-wid(...)

  People drink in a restaurant in central Stockholm in  April  2020. The proposal on potential closures is out for consultation until February 26th. Photograph:  Narciso Contreras/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Sweden has warned that it might have to close businesses and shut down parts of society as unease grows in Stockholm at the possibility of a third wav(...)

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