Edward Snowden

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Vault 7 is expected to deliver more leaks in the future. Photograph: iStock

Have you heard about Vault 7? If not, you might want to pay attention. What is it? If you’ve been ignoring the news lately, you might have missed t(...)

Individuals and businesses should use encrypted programs and apps such as Signal or WhatsApp. The more that do, the more limited CIA (or National Security Agency) hacking toolkits become. Photograph: Petar Kujundzic/Reuters

WikiLeaks made a sweepingly dramatic – and sometimes misleading – announcement following the release of a massive tranche of leaked CIA documents, whi(...)

Regardless of your position on the modern surveillance state, no real new benchmarks in the audacity of western intelligence have been exposed by Wikileaks’ latest files dump. File photograph: Olivier Doulier/Getty Images

How to judge the importance of WikiLeaks’ latest dump of stolen US intelligence files? The whistleblowing site boasts of a trove greater in size than(...)

Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon Photograph: Eric Luke

The US government has urged the High Court to refuse the Data Protection Commissioner’s bid to have the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) decide issue(...)

 Austrian lawyer Max Schrems alleges his data privacy rights as an EU citizen were breached by transfer of his personal data by Facebook Ireland to its US parent, Facebook Inc. Photograph: Collins Courts

Facebook “secretly” sent the US government a draft report prepared for it by a US law expert for use in the case being brought by the Irish Data Prote(...)

US president Donald Trump speaks with reporters aboard Air Force One on his way to a rally  in Melbourne, Florida, on Saturday. Photograph: Reuters

During his presidential campaign, Mr Trump revelled in the publication of Democratic party emails that fuelled damaging stories about his opponent, Hi(...)

Emily Watson in  Apple Tree Yard: “One of the most fascinating things . . . is her preoccupation with being witnessed. ‘You made me feel important,’ she tells her lover, and her unimportance seems a persistent fear.”

Sting has a tale. The man who wrote Every Breath You Take, the stalker anthem with an appropriately arresting melody, was alarmed to discover that it (...)

The Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, has provisionally found that Max Schrems, an Austrian citizen, had “well-founded” objections to Facebook’s transfer of his data. Photograph: AFP

US surveillance law is “extremely permissive” and allows “extraordinary access” to the private data of non-US citizens worldwide, a US attorney has to(...)

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon arriving for the Commercial Court case. Photograph: Eric Luke

The Data Protection Commissioner has reached a provisional view that recent changes in US law fail to adequately protect the data privacy rights of Eu(...)

Ashley Madison: The data breach  resulted in the disclosure of countless personal details of Irish users and the mechanisms available to them to vindicate their rights are not clear. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

Last June the Irish Commercial Court admitted a case initiated by Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon against Facebook Ireland and Maximillian Sc(...)

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