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Unlike paper money and gold, cryptocurrency doesn’t physically exist, consisting of digital bits and bytes. Libertarians and cryptographer anarchists (...)

Mohsin Hamid, author of the bestselling novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, is not a typical Pakistani Muslim. He argues eloquently that there is no s(...)

This beautiful novel is only the second from Equatorial Guinea to be translated into English. It tells of the poor inhabitants of a remote island and (...)

Alan Turing’s reputation grows and grows, from the nadir of his conviction for “gross indecency”, in 1952, to his present standing as a pioneer of com(...)

The Danube, by Nick Thorpe
  • Books
  • October 4, 2014, 01:01

This is a journey against the flow of the great river, from its Black Sea mouth to its Black Forest source. Nick Thorpe starts at the end as he is mor(...)

Rick Gekoski is an art collector, constantly on the lookout for rare or missing works. His passion for collecting has led him to ponder the nature of (...)

Tyrone GAA player Jim Devlin in action courtesy of Coalisland Post.

“They were wild bad times,” shrugs Patsy Forbes, offering the common refrain as to why Jim Devlin, Tyrone’s lionhearted and crafty full back from the (...)

As she puts it herself, Shereen El Feki tells us everything we wanted to know but were afraid to ask about sexuality in the Arab world. The dau(...)

This is the story of an African entrepreneur’s battle to establish a local African brand in the global market. Rugasira’s dream was to bring high- (...)

Patrick Keiller shares with Charles Baudelaire “his desperate desire to flee from the prison of his subjectivity, his furious longing to find some esc(...)

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