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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi offended even his al-Qaeda mentors with the brutality of his tactics: suicide bombings in public areas; massacres of Shia Muslims(...)

David Crystal certainly has the gift of the gab. He has written more than 100 books on linguistics; he’s an indefatigable populariser and a formidable(...)

Raoul Wallenberg was swallowed up by the Soviet prison system in 1945. The man who had used his consummate organisational and communication skills and(...)

“Trebizond and Samarkand meant less to them than Aghadoe and Glenflesk, Tomies and Purple Mountain. They sang of those magic places as though they wer(...)

Did the republicans who blew up the Nelson Pillar in March 1966 not realise that now we young Dubliners could never “go up the pillar” and see the pan(...)

Alby is rude, crude, violent and sex-obsessed; a very bad lad. He lives in a trashy American landscape of bars and diners, gobbling fast food and quaf(...)

The dishevelled enthusiast Sir Patrick Moore gave many of us a love of astronomy, waxing lyrical on the wonders of outer space on the BBC’s The Sky at(...)

Is Russia doomed to suffer under tyranny? The modern form dissected by Pomerantsev’s fine journalism is peculiarly subtle: the trappings of western we(...)

The Master’s Choice by John A Nix
  • Books
  • January 16, 2016, 00:03

This is a rambling, amusingly eccentric story written in 1931 and rescued from oblivion by the author’s diligent grandson. Its highly stylised use of (...)

Hamilton offers a kaleidoscopic view of London’s art world in the 19th century; allowing us to look through his lens at painters: “Talent, like virtu(...)

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