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Are you eating a rainbow of colours to make your tummy happy and your head healthy? Photograph: Getty Images

Hang around with a bunch of dedicated gardeners for long enough, and you soon realise that something strange keeps happening: people you expected to b(...)

Like teenagers emerging for their debs, like cicadas blooming bug-eyed from dormancy after 17 years in development, our July 2013 heatwave has seen th(...)

How on earth did Michael Pollan, a lanky, bespectacled, geeky guy whose day job is as a professor of journalism, become the Martin Luther King of food(...)

Mindfulness seems, suddenly, to be everywhere. My colleague Tony Bates is bringing mindfulness to the media and the airwaves each week. The (...)

Mulligans pub in Stoneybatter, Dublin: listed as one of the  most striking restaurants for this year.

Eating out appears to be undergoing a minor resurgence in Ireland with almost a quarter of this year’s top 100 restaurants, as named by a local pub(...)

Gerry Galvin was one of the most creative chefs of Ireland’s culinary development . He was also an influential food writer. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Gerry Galvin, who has died aged 70, was best known as one of the most creative chefs of Ireland’s culinary development and also was an influent(...)

February 2013 will, in time, be remembered as one of those big, big, important months for food and for our health. So, just in case you w(...)

Brian Cowen ’s tenure as minister for finance is remembered mostly for the profligacy of the dying years of the Celtic Tiger but, in at least o(...)

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