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Volvo XC60: T8 plugin hybrid a good diesel alternative, although it gets thirsty if you forget to charge it up.

Volvo’s mid-size SUV is one of the most spec-sensitive cars we’ve ever come across. Pick a luxurious Inscription model and you have one of the nicest (...)

Ford Raptor: It’s essentially a mildly de-tuned off-road racer underneath,

We don’t (and really shouldn’t) include commercial vehicles on this list, but the Ford Ranger Raptor is just such a charming delicacy that we can’t he(...)

The big 6.0-litre W12 turbo engine is hardly in keeping with the cultural zeitgeist, but it’s massively (in every sense) impressive

Bentley’s big four-door has matured into a deeply impressive car, and not merely because we’re so distracted by the three-sided rotating centre consol(...)

Best in class: Skoda Superb We really should re-name this segment Family Estates because those are almost inevitably the best versions, and while no-(...)

Best in class: Peugeot 5008 There’s a bit of crossover (pardon the pun) between the family crossover and family SUV markets - in some cases one is ju(...)

Best in class: Toyota C-HR Toyota’s funky looking family crossover has been ringing our bell for a while now, not least because it was the first car (...)

Best in class: Volvo XC40 Volvo’s smallest is something of a revelation. It’s built on the Swedish company’s CMA platform, designed for small and com(...)

Best in class: Seat Arona Let’s get something straight. These are basically the same, engineering-wise, as a small hatchback, but come with the price(...)

High Island is home to a monastic settlement and an intact stone beehive hut.

THE BEEHIVE HUT Long before cities, towns and villages there were monastic settlements with dwellings built from slivers of stone assembled in a way(...)

Audi e-tron: Packs an electric punch in terms of performance, while the low centre of gravity due to the battery under the floor means it handles much better than your regular crossover fare

Should the German really be ahead of the Jaguar? On the plus side, you’ve got Audi’s rock-solid build quality. Yet that has to be weighed against a st(...)

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