For several years the self-styled Secret Footballer has offered a fresh take on a sport watched by millions. The Guardian columnist’s first book, I Am(...)

On display: a cutout of Jorge Luis Borges at a book fair in Buenos Aires. Photograph: Daniel Garcia/AFP/Getty

In a story called The Dead Man the Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) writes about a character who emerges from a shabby working-class d(...)

Nobel prize winner Serge Haroche, will be in Dublin on Monday to deliver a talk on quantum mechanics.

It doesn’t get stranger than an area of science known as quantum physics. At nearly every turn it manages to prove things we would ordinarily describe(...)

On April 25th, 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick of the Cavendish Laboratory, at Cambridge University, published their proposal of the doubl(...)

The structure of DNA was a discovery but one based on practical chemistry

It must be a wonderful thing to discover something so important that the date it occurred becomes an annual day of celebration marked on a cale(...)

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