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Business, or more particularly the markets, have featured in this newspaper from its earliest days. Back in 1860, the paper carried a Market & Com(...)

Nobel prize winner Serge Haroche, will be in Dublin on Monday to deliver a talk on quantum mechanics.

It doesn’t get stranger than an area of science known as quantum physics. At nearly every turn it manages to prove things we would ordinarily describe(...)

The World Meteorological Organisation yesterday issued the latest figures for greenhouse gas concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere. They showed a relentless rise in the levels of the three of the most powerful climate-changing gases: carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Photograph: Reuters

Ireland will be lashed by powerful storms and southern Europe could become as arid north Africa if greenhouse gas discharges continue unchecked, a cli(...)

Schools here have turned in a weak performance in the quality of Irish and maths teaching delivered in primary and post-primary schools, a report b(...)

Fay Wray in King Kong: what is it about scary movies that makes us want to watch them despite the fact they disturb us?

What is it about scary movies that makes us want to watch them despite the fact they are so disturbing? Ghastly things happen and we can get scared ou(...)

The 40m  skeleton of an Argentinosaurus huinculensis, on display at the Museo Municipal Carmen Funes in Argentina, was digitally reconstructed to examine how the dinosaur walked and ran. Photograph: Dr Bill Sellers, the University of Manchester

A massive dinosaur has proven it can walk the walk after scientists digitally reconstructed the 40-metre long fossil, allowing it to stroll about f(...)

Embracing digital: ReachOut is one of the groups using technology to offer help, advice and counselling. Photograph: Conor McCabe Photography
10 ways to win

1: Celebrate public intellectualsIn previous eras we looked to public intellectuals to help us critique society in times of uncertainty. Nowadays they(...)

Tyndall specialises in research into information and computer technology

A leading Irish research centre has put job creation at the top of its strategic plan along with the opening of spin-out companies and attracting non-(...)

Minister for Education and Skills Ruairi Quinn TD during the announcement of Budget 2014 at the Government Press Centre, Dublin. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Martin Wall, Industry Correspondent and Dick AhlstromMinister for Education Ruairi Quinn has said he is willing to talk to the Association of Secondar(...)

The dispute was not a victimless dispute  and the ones who would ultimately suffer were the students, said Kay O’Brien, president of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals

Industrial action by the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland, (ASTI) has caused only limited disruption in schools so far but things could wors(...)

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