Paul Clarke

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Dr Paul Clarke (left) and some of the other co-founders of MDevSpice who want to raise safety and software standards in medical devices

Medical devices such as pacemakers are almost taken for granted these days. They greatly improve quality of life and most people have them fitted and (...)

Paul Clarke - vicious cyclical graph theory

Tread softly – the place is so littered with shattered New Year’s resolutions, you could easily pick up a nasty dose of hoof gash. Outer ring roads(...)

Bailout news caught the attention of readers throguhout the year. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

It may have been a year of progress for Ireland, but it seems some things will never change. Although occasional articles on media issues and technolo(...)

The tubular-steel frame and seat designed by Gregory Dunn, Andrew Griffin and Maxim Laroussi

Remember those far-off days when kids tied ropes to a lamp post and swung out of it? Mostly, they’re either gone now or have been left in tatters as c(...)

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