Immanuel Kant

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The remains of the basement of Konigsberg Castle, seat of the Teutonic Knights, which was badly damaged in the second World War and demolished in the 1960s to make way for the House of the Soviets, which is still unfinished. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

German poet Heinrich Heine wrote that Immanuel Kant, the great Enlightenment philosopher, led a “mechanically ordered” life in the Prussian city of Ko(...)

Children walk next to a Russian Navy boat at a second World War memorial monument in Kaliningrad. Photograph: Ozan Kose/AFP via Getty

As the chaos of the Soviet collapse gradually receded through the 1990s, people in Kaliningrad caught glimpses of a bright future for Russia’s western(...)

‘Smell is almost like touching the invisible world.’ Photograph: Getty

Scientists and philosophers have traditionally been quite snooty about the sense of smell. Charles Darwin believed smell to be “of extremely slight se(...)

Suki Finn, philosopher and editor of Women of Ideas: “The metaphysics of pregnancy is of great importance, not only to pregnant metaphysicians, but to all of us, given that we are all the result of a pregnancy.”

It’s easy to judge with hindsight but even by the standards of 1978, the BBC’s decision to call a series about great living philosophers Men of Ideas,(...)

Philosopher Édouard Glissant defended one’s right ‘to be opaque’, or to lack transparency and avoid  categorisation by oppressors. Photograph: Jean-Marc Zaorski/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Western philosophy has had two broad strategies for dealing with racism. One is to wave away hate speak and prejudice as “of its time”. The other is t(...)

The late John Rawls, who was influenced by Kant in designing a philosophy of justice based on fairness. Photograph: Reuters/Jane Reed/Harvard University News Office

The coronavirus pandemic has been a shock not just to the health system. It has given a jump-start to moral consciences. Things we tolerated as a soci(...)

New Zealand blindside wing forward Ardie Savea was phenomenal as South Africa ran riot over the All Blacks in those opening 20 minutes of their group clash. Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Practise the skill and not the drill. And, of course, the crucial decision-making process. In attack or defence, when hunting to convert pressure into(...)

“It’s only recently that we thought animals should be treated with respect and dignity and not tormented.” Photograph: iStock

Western civilisation has been slow to take seriously the suffering of animals. For “slow” read thousands of years, and yet we’re only starting to get (...)

Trying to prove that art is good for health, well-being, social inclusion, creativity and education is as hard as trying to nail down ‘excellence’, a term beloved of funders and evaluators

As you read this, arts managers, curators and creators are hard at work. They’re not making, curating or managing art, they’re writing their annual Ar(...)

Siri Hustvedt: Philosopher or novelist? Photograph:  Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images

There are philosophers who have written novels, and novelists who imbue their work with philosophical ideas. Iris Murdoch and Albert Camus might be se(...)

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