UL research found that strength training brought about improvements in symptoms of depression, boosting mood, increasing interest in activities and reducing feelings of worthlessness. Photograph: iStock

It’s summer and that means our attitude to exercise can play out in one of two ways. The first is, “Oh, look, it’s summer – what a great opportunity t(...)

Recent cases concerning child pornography raise two aspects of this distressing crime. The first concerns the need to do more to resource gardaí to an(...)

Wine is now seen as almost indispensable to relaxation. Photograph: iStock

Once upon a time, when people finished work, they relaxed. But they did it in a peculiar way. They had dinner, or talked, or read the newspaper, or pl(...)

Taking a break, which could include a night’s sleep, allows each participant to calm down, to get their rational brains back in action.

Never go to bed angry. Right? Wrong. Wise as this piece of advice might seem for married couples and for people in long term relationships, it just is(...)

“There were 37 deaths by suspected suicide in Dublin South Central in 2017 and 50 per cent of those were women.” Photograph: iStock

In the heat of reporting the referendum campaign, Irish Times journalist Kitty Holland found time to write about a development I think we all need to (...)

A few simple precautions could ensure you avoid having your holiday disrupted by theft.

Realising your wallet is no longer in your pocket when you’re standing on a train so crowded you can’t move our arms to check if it’s anywhere else, d(...)

Tthree types of man on the train journey from Waterford to Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Men are no good at pottering about. You have to give them things to do. I learned this on the train from Waterford to Dublin and it was one of three i(...)

One important aspect of surviving another person’s suicide is to accept that, in most cases, you will never fully know why

May is a peak month for suicide in Ireland and in other northern hemisphere countries. The reason why isn’t clear – it may have something to do with h(...)

Men, it suggests, evolved to be aggressive, to advance in the face of difficulties and to doggedly pursue difficult goals in keeping with their role as fathers.

“More than one marriage has been rendered unhappy because the wife failed to understand the way her husband looks at things,” writes Fr Thomas Tobin i(...)

Our children have expectations for care, emotional support and love that it’s good to meet.

My father wanted to be a carpenter, but coming from a family that had money and status he felt he couldn’t say so. He had already disappointed his fa(...)

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