I am more scared of success than of failure. You can hide behind failure. Unless the failure is catastrophic it may not change very much about (...)

I wrote recently about unjustified guilt felt by victims of child abuse. From the responses I received, both in conversation and by email, it s(...)

A couple of weeks ago on a radio programme a man was reminiscing about how, when he was 14 he was at a disco when a girl sent her friend over t(...)

The destructive power of unjustified guilt in sex abuse cases has been demonstrated again and again. Last month we saw yet another example when(...)

I once brought an alarm clock to a hayfield. I did this ridiculous thing during the school holidays when I was condemned to long hours of makin(...)

More than 20 years ago a man I bumped into at a psychology event assured me that he no longer had negative thoughts. He had eliminated th(...)

I wonder how many readers would like to relive their adolescence? I wouldn’t and I doubt if I’m alone. I remember adolescence as a time o(...)

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