I have been hearing about more and more cases of suicide lately. Some are related to the recession, some to more traditional triggers such as depressi(...)

Here’s a pattern that relationship counsellors see a lot: couple enters the room, led by the woman. They sit on the sofa with the man sitting as far a(...)

The apple does not fall far from the tree. I heard the phrase used most recently in relation to a gentleman who had encountered some trouble with his (...)

I will tell you a story about the Balloon family in a minute but first, a serious question: is disappointment the dirty little secret we all ca(...)

A woman whose husband doesn’t like to see her enjoying herself was explaining to me the other day that enjoyment is a radical act which a large(...)

 Granny O’Grimm: Are grandparents naughty or nice? Photograph: Irish Film Board/PA Wire

The warmth and affection which young people have for their grandparents has always struck me as a positive thing in the world – but it was not (...)

It is over a decade since a man who was involved in training male apprentices expressed some exasperation that they did not seem interested in push(...)

I am more scared of success than of failure. You can hide behind failure. Unless the failure is catastrophic it may not change very much about (...)

I wrote recently about unjustified guilt felt by victims of child abuse. From the responses I received, both in conversation and by email, it s(...)

A couple of weeks ago on a radio programme a man was reminiscing about how, when he was 14 he was at a disco when a girl sent her friend over t(...)

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